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Although individual works of the sequence have occasionally been performed separately, Wagner intended them to be performed in series. The first performance as a cycle opened the first Bayreuth Festival in 1876, beginning with Das Rheingold on 13 August and ending with Götterdämmerung on 17 August. Opera stage director Anthony Freud stated that Der Ring des Nibelungen "marks the high-water mark of our art form, the most massive challenge any opera company can undertake." [1]

Later in the session, he said this obviously doesn’t mean judges should “start participating in talk shows every week or giving interviews to all the magazines and commenting on public affairs.” But he said he felt strongly that public education is a core element of a judge’s mandate.

Binayu neng Wagner ing kaisipan tungkul king musika kapamilatan ning kayang idea ning Gesamtkunstwerk ("pangkabilugang kalalangan alit" o "total artwork"), ing pamibuklud-buklud da reng eganaganang alit (‘’arts’’) ning kawatasan o poesia, albayan (visual), tigtigan (musical) ampong lalagen (dramatic), a mirinan katuparan ketang mapia nang pamiyaliling (cycle) a Der Ring des Nibelungen (1876). Tinikdo neng Wagner ing sarili nang teatrong pang-opera ba lang mipalage deti nung makananu na lang apitsuran.