Slav - frost and slow death

While yogurt and white cheese are the most characteristic and famous Bulgarian products, which represent our country around the world, other meals such as cheverme, bob chorba and shopska salad also deserve attention.

A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG  by Peter Nicholls - PAM
Oh, charming. It wasn't my idea coming back here in the first place. But once Freddie's set eyes on a lame dog, you might as well talk to the moon. I keep looking at the door and thinking she's going to come through it any moment with that poor weirdie. I know it's awful but it's one of my- you know- THINGS. We're none of us perfect… I can't stand anything . Non-Physically Attractive. Old women in bathing-suits - and skin diseases - and cripples… ; Rowton House-looking men who spit and have hair growing out of their ears… No good, I just can't look at them. I know Freddie's right about Hitler and of course that's horrid. Still, I cant' help sympthizing with Brian, can you? I don't mean the way he described. I think it should be done by the state. And so should charity. Then we might have an end of all those hideous dolls in shop-doorways with irons on their legs…. Freddie won't hear of it, of course. But then he loves a lame dog. Every year he buys so many tickets for the spastic raffle he wins the TV set and every year he gives it to an old folks' home. He used to try taking me along on his visits but I said it wasn't me at all and he gave up. One-place-we went, there were these poor freaks with-oh, you know-enormous heads and so on-and you just feel: oh, put them out of their misery. Well, they wouldn't have survived in nature, it's only modern medicine, so modern medicine should be allowed to do away with them. A committee of doctors and do-gooders, naturally, to make sure there's no funny business and then-if I say gas-chamber that makes it sound horrid - but I do mean put to sleep. When Freddie gets all mealy-mouthed about it, I say, look, darling, if one of our kids was dying and they had a cure and you knew it had been discovered in the Nazi laboratories, would you refuse to let them use it? I certainly wouldn't. I love my own immediate family and that's the lot. Can't manage any more. I want to go home and see them again. They may not be the most hard-working well behaved geniuses on earth, but no one in their right mind could say they were . Freddie, I'm going. You can get a taxi and…