Lava - moon dust

In The Pirate Fairy , both the golden-yellow and blue pixie dust can be merged together with the help of a special ingredient to make various colors of pixie dust; each possessing its very own magical properties. Zarina uses the variously colored experimented pixie dust to switch Tinker Bell and her friends' talents.

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Rewards : Give reagants to Wesley   in the basement of Ivory Tower to trade them for recipes, components, or complete items.

Setting up a permanent outpost on the moon would, in many respects,be more daunting than putting an outpost on Mars. Like Earth, Mars has an atmosphere, weather, and seasons, and its gravity is one-third of Earth’s. The moon has one-sixth of Earth’s gravity, no atmosphere, and a merciless and unending barrage of radiation and micrometeorites. Some scientists argue that if going to Mars is the ultimate goal, there’s no point in going to the moon.

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Lava - Moon DustLava - Moon DustLava - Moon DustLava - Moon Dust