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In the season one finale, Midge shares she slept with her estranged husband and later in the episode, Susie comes face-to-face with a distraught Joel ( Michael Zegen ) and reads him the riot act—Midge is going to be a success without him.

Must cease being such a *baby* and rent it from Net Flix. Even if I watch it, without listening to the dialogue. -grin- I’ll miss lots of sad stuff, that way. And I can also not watch, when the lovely home is damaged. ‘Cause yes, I’m stillllllllllll a *baby,* like that. -sigh-

A game I made that can go with Nursery Rhymes too. The children take turns rolling the dice and then place that many magic beans (lima beans) carefully on the plate trying not to tip it over. Keep playing until the castle topples down. This is not an original idea - I got it from I believe.

We all know a movie like this isn't appealing to anyone beside the folks who grew up during that time. And even they will be compelled to cringe at its mention...

Leilany Medina, an 11-year-old aspiring librarian, was one of the first kids in the area to take advantage of the new policies. Last week, she turned up at the East Los Angeles Library to “read off” her $4 balance.

Just 4 Fun - Mrs. ThompsonJust 4 Fun - Mrs. ThompsonJust 4 Fun - Mrs. ThompsonJust 4 Fun - Mrs. Thompson