Little ricky en de heikrekels - nooit zal ik jou vergeten

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In 1952, after going to the doctor complaining of feeling "dauncey" (a word her grandmother made up; Lucy's definition of feeling "dauncey" is when you're not really sick but just feel lousy [ citation needed ] ) and gaining weight, she learns that she is pregnant. It is actually Ethel who first suggests to Lucy she may be expecting, even before Lucy heads out to the doctor. Lucy is very excited to tell her husband the exciting news. The Mertzes learn the news first and are sworn to secrecy. When she was younger, Lucy had envisioned how she would tell her husband they were going to have a baby. She decides to tell Ricky when he comes home for lunch that afternoon. However, with repeated interruptions from the telephone and the Mertzes, she is unable. She tries to tell him down at his club during rehearsals, but is uncomfortable telling him such a personal thing in front of his band, so she runs out crying. Finally, that evening, while Ricky is performing, Lucy pens a note and passes it to the maître d'hotel . He gives the note to Ricky. Ricky reads the note, which alludes to a wife's needing to tell her husband they were having a baby, during one of his songs. Ricky, unaware that the "husband" mentioned in the note is he, wants to bring the expectant couple up on stage to congratulate them. He goes from couple to couple trying to find them. Ricky notices Lucy in the audience, and it occurs to him that Lucy may be the one who is expecting. Lucy nods yes, and Ricky is overcome with emotion. They sing "We're Having a Baby", with Lucille Ball actually breaking down in tears during the scene, which made it one of the most genuinely touching moments in television history.

Little is a surname in the English language . The name is derived from the Middle English littel , [1] and the Old English lȳtel , which mean "little". [2] In some cases the name was originally a nickname for a little man. In other cases, the name was used to distinguish the younger of two bearers of the same personal name . [1] Early records of the name include: Litle , in 972; Litle , in about 1095; and le Lytle , in 1296. [2] The surname has absorbed several non English-language surnames. For example, Little is sometimes a translation of the Irish Ó Beagáin , meaning "descendant of Beagán ". Little can also be a translation of the French Petit and Lepetit , as well as other surnames in various languages with the same meaning ("little"), [1] especially the German name Klein during World War II.

Little Ricky Ricotta has a problem: the bullies at school pick on him all the time. Until one day, he saves the life of a mighty robot. Together, Ricky and his Robot face the bullies, and save Squeakyville from a giant evil lizard monster. That's what friends are for.

Little Ricky En De Heikrekels - Nooit Zal Ik Jou VergetenLittle Ricky En De Heikrekels - Nooit Zal Ik Jou VergetenLittle Ricky En De Heikrekels - Nooit Zal Ik Jou VergetenLittle Ricky En De Heikrekels - Nooit Zal Ik Jou Vergeten